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Message from the President

Atlanta Trend exists to foster leadership in the information technology business community of Atlanta. And because we believe that leadership can be examined and understood, our goal is to bring both the leaders of general business and the leaders of information technology together in an atmosphere of trust. General business and information technology remain skeptical of each other, but are nevertheless merging into single entities and need each other now more than ever. More regular companies are becoming, in essence, IT companies. The CEOs of the future will come from two main groups: general business people who have a good grasp on technology and IT people who have a good understanding of business. This is inevitable.

We believe that leadership is observable and procurable. While we don’t discount training courses, our focus has always been, and will remain, on personal interaction and small group discussions. This personal approach allows our CEOs, CIOs and other participants to become acquainted and at ease with each other. It also allows for that important “X” factor of friendship which no class or book on the subject can duplicate.

Accordingly, Atlanta Trend will keep encouraging leadership growth in the Atlanta area by continuing to provide the following venues:

The CEO/CIO Leadership Luncheon – A discussion is lead by one participant, while others join in over lunch. Meetings are six times per year.

Atlanta Trend New Leaders – Potential leaders are coached and encouraged to meet the Atlanta Trend community, including—on a limited basis—Atlanta Trend CEOs and CIOs. Meetings are monthly.

The Developer’s Forum – The creators of the new business applications of the future are coached and encouraged to meet the Atlanta Trend community. Meetings are monthly.

In keeping with the spirit of community support that Atlanta has always been famous for, no sales are allowed at Atlanta Trend events, even by its sponsor, Trans Atlantic Systems Inc.


Thank you for looking at this message. If you like what you have read and want to get involved please feel free to contact me.  


Robert Green