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Information Technology is evolving and transforming faster than at any point in history. How businesses choose to address this IT transformation driven by the cloud, big data, mobility, and social media will determine the winners and losers.

Cumberland Group was born out of the guiding principles and beliefs of Abacus Solutions. The company has expanded on Abacus’s history of success to bring greater value to global enterprise organizations and service providers. Cumberland Group’s team of experts has been leading customers on a journey through a world that is more converged, software defined, and driven by data gathered from devices and social media for years. Cumberland Group transforms and empowers IT organizations while helping them create environments that are more agile, efficient and secure. With this direction, Cumberland Group can universally provide the insights that are meaningful for their clients’ businesses.

Cumberland Group focuses on delivering the Strategy, Solutions, and Integration necessary to successfully navigate the transformation from traditional IT service models into the highly agile, dynamic business facilitators needed for modern enterprise.

Cumberland Group. It's Time To Do IT Better.

Where were you born?

I was born in Virginia. My family moved through Tennessee to Georgia and I grew up most of my life in Georgia.

What were some of your interests growing up?

Most of my interests growing up were sports related. I played basketball, baseball, football, and tennis. I still play tennis and golf, the other sports not so much anymore. I also had an interest in science, math, and astronomy.

What was the path to your first job?

The relationships I made out of Georgia Tech really set me along my path. I started out studying Chemical Engineering and moved towards Industrial Engineering and Information Systems Engineering. The relationships I established at Georgia Tech led me to the IT business and to my current business partner.

Tell me about your early career- lessons learned?

It goes back to my college days. At Georgia Tech it has been said that they give you more work than you could possibly ever handle or manage and then you have to go figure out how to be successful. Running a business isn’t much different. It comes down to developing a plan. You have to organize, prioritize and then execute on that goal.

Who is an influencer for you?

My biggest influence has certainly been my father. He instilled in me at early age the importance of not just working harder, but working smarter. I have tried to apply it to my life. He gave me motivating quotes such as “Come with a plan”.

What brought you to Atlanta?

It was definitely Georgia Tech and I think I always wanted to go to school there. I didn’t apply to many other schools and it was where I wanted to go due to the math and science centric curriculum. I will say that a lot of my friends from Georgia Tech have left for cities around the US and world, but they usually find their way back to Atlanta, so I still keep up with dozens of friends from school.

What do you like about your current position?

I have access to many talented and brilliant people.  These people are in our own organization, our business partners, and our clients. I spend a lot of time visiting clients and I learn a great deal from them.  I gain tremendous perspective from seeing how their businesses operate and how they make decisions.  Perspective is the best teacher. But the most rewarding thing of being President is to see the development of leaders within our organization.

Why spin off Cumberland Group from Abacus Solutions?

Both business segments were thriving but they were diverging. They had two distinctly different business models, had different messaging, and spoke to two different audiences. We realized that instead of being synergistic, they could actually benefit and be more successful as separate entities.

How is the culture of Abacus and now Cumberland Group?

It’s a collaborative culture where we enjoy working with each other. We have a culture that encourages and promotes initiative. We care about the success of our fellow employees.  We care about the success of our clients and we empower our employees to do whatever they need for their clients.

What do you see in the future for Cumberland Group?

We will see the IT industry continue to evolve. Cumberland Group will provide differentiating business value to companies rather than just an operational value. We will create business value that is implemented through technology. It used to be that we stored data and secured it. Now we working with companies to identify the data that they need and help make it useful to their business. Business value rather than just operational value is what IT transformation is all about.

Secrets to success?

Change before you are forced to change.  Continuous improvement. Do business with people that you like and enjoy spending time with.

By Jon Huggins


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