Global Talent Shortage: Information Technology

The dog days of summer are upon us, and Friday’s BLS Jobs Report will come at a time when most are on vacation. Before heading off into the sunset, consider the recent Manpower Group Talent Shortage survey results. In a lackluster economy, employers are still reporting that IT jobs are among the hardest to fill globally, adversely affecting revenue. The U.S. was only behind India and Japan in having the most difficult time filling open IT positions. Dice, a leading IT job board, reports that there is growing disconnect between employers with open jobs and candidates with the necessary skills to fill these jobs. The recent Manpower report documented the following factors impacting employer’s ability to fill positions:

Factors Impacting Employer’s Ability to Fill Positions:

It is interesting to note that the Manpower survey reported 73% of employers citing lack of experience, skills or knowledge as the reason they cannot fill openings. While the obvious answer seems to be training, in this economic climate few companies are willing to invest in talent that may or may not be with them in the long haul and provide clear ROI. In light of this fact, the next best solution is to find a candidate that has the experience, skills and knowledge to hit the ground running. Since candidates are found by reviewing resumes, it seems the impetus is on candidates to show employers that they have what it takes to bring a ROI and get hired. However, candidates are not born resumes writers.

The Resume

Writing a resume is a frustrating process, and I have seen one too many resumes in which the author has clearly given up. Although this is the result of many different factors, one main factor that often discourages candidates is the varied feedback they receive from hiring managers, human resources, and recruiters over the years based on their personal resume format preference. Our human computers can’t take it, producing an Einstein candidate with a Frankenstein resume. In an effort to reboot some disengaged machines, there are seven basic components that need to be in your resume - in this order:

IT Resume: 7 Basic Elements

“We’ve been working with Trans Atlantic Systems for many years. To them the business relationship is paramount and we appreciate the value they place on us. We turn to Trans Atlantic Systems first for our IT consulting needs.” Vice President, Financial Services Industry

  • Name
  • Address, Phone Number and E-Mail
  • Title (Sr. Software Engineer)
  • Summary
  • Technology Summary (This includes Certifications, Systems, Databases, Languages and Software)
  • Experience
  • Education (University Name, Location and Matriculation Date)

Trans Atlantic Systems - Example Resume

Common Resume Mistakes

Now that you know what to include in your resume, here are some elements that are better left out:

  • Incorrect spelling and grammar. Your resume is representation of you. Make sure it’s perfect.
  • Picture. Never, ever put a picture on your resume. Your application may be ignored because many companies are unwilling to consider candidates that could potentially sue based on Federal employment law.
  • Objective. A thing of the past, putting an objective on your resume makes you look dated – an immediate interview killer.
  • You may have 20+ years of experience, but in the tech world what you did then most likely does not apply now. If it does, feel free to leave it on your resume. If not, take it off.
  • Social Media, QR Codes, etc. The latest and greatest is always cool to you, but not so cool to a potential employer. Only list professional networking sites, like Linkedin.

Closing the Gap between Employers and Candidates

Having a well written resume is the key to closing the gap between employers and candidates. Rather than providing training for employees that may or may not stay with your organization, consider providing feedback to candidates that will help them improve their resume. One day you may make an offer to a candidate rejected by another organization, whom took the time to provide feedback. In turn, the candidate improved their resume and was able to fill your open IT position. As the job market improves, IT candidates will remember your organization and recommend you, or return themselves.

Why Trans Atlantic Systems?

Trans Atlantic Systems can help you hire top tech talent - we have 15 years of experience in the technical staffing and software solutions business, and have received many accolades like this one:
“We’ve been working with Trans Atlantic Systems for many years. To them the business relationship is paramount and we appreciate the value they place on us. We turn to Trans Atlantic Systems first for our IT consulting needs.” Vice President, Financial Services Industry.

Let us help you decrease time to hire and increase ROI. When considering an agency, you can turn to Trans Atlantic Systems for up to date market advice and expert opinion. We will make an impression that you will never forget, and neither will your boss – we make you look good!

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