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RSM Teams Up with LeaseQuery to Help Middle Market Businesses Comply with New Lease Requirements

RSM, the nation’s leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market – has teamed up with LeaseQuery, a leading provider of purpose-built lease accounting software, to create an innovative solution, RSM Lease Accounting, to help middle market business leaders comply with new and changing lease requirements.

One unique aspect of RSM’s lease accounting solution is that it is self-service. Clients can easily sign up with a credit card, skipping what can sometimes be cumbersome and/or time-consuming activities related to creating a scope-of-work. The solution is easy and economical, and yet supported by a national firm with 87 offices in the U.S. and Canada, and access to resources in 120 countries around the world.

“RSM’s lease accounting offering is unique in that it enables us to help solve for organizations that might have smaller lease portfolios but still need to report on ASC 842, which requires all long term leases to be recorded on a balance sheet,” said Daniel Beil, partner with RSM US LLP. “There isn’t another solution out there that will do what we can for middle market businesses with up to 20 leases, particularly for the price. RSM also offers other valuable compliance services to help these businesses (which are often large enough to have to comply with various regulations, but small enough to not have the resources in-house) comply with evolving regulatory requirements. We can often serve as a one-stop-shop for these businesses.”

Data integrity is another key benefit of RSM’s innovative lease accounting solution, which makes broken formulas within Excel and bad data entry things of the past.


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