Atlanta Submits RFP to Sundance Institute as Potential Host for Sundance Film Festival

By Staff Writer Atlanta Trend
  • Jun 28, 2024

The City of Atlanta has submitted a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the Sundance Institute as a potential host of the Sundance Film Festival beginning in 2027. The Sundance Institute opened its Request for Information (RFI) on April 17 and closed May 1 upon which selected cities, including Atlanta, were notified to submit an RFP.


“We are honored that Atlanta is being considered as a potential host for the Sundance Film Festival in 2027 and beyond. Atlanta is where the worlds of film, entertainment, economic development, diversity and inclusion meet and grow cohesively, together,” said Mayor Andre Dickens. “We’re ready to show the Sundance Institute that Atlanta is the place where opportunities are endless, and Sundance can continue to shine.”


Atlanta’s RFP submission is robust and showcases the depth and experience available to the Sundance Institute. It highlights Atlanta’s diverse neighborhoods, status as a film production hub, cultural centers, event capabilities, commitment to climate action, ease of transportation, hospitality industry and inclusive and equitable business environment. Further, the RFP instills how Sundance can lay roots and be woven into the rich fabric of Atlanta’s culture.


Lastly, as apart of overall support to Sundance, the city of Atlanta and its partners pledged $2 Million in support as well as a robust array of concessions and in-kind support to the festival.


The RFP was prepared by the City in collaboration with the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau and a community of leaders that value inclusion and Atlanta’s overall group project.