Empowering Companies to Achieve Diversity Commitments

By Robert Green Atlanta Trend
  • Aug 30, 2022

Noelle London is the CEO and Founder of Illoominus, which helps companies proactively manage their diversity commitments and retain and grow diverse employees into leadership positions.


"The murder of George Floyd in 2020 spurred most U.S. companies to pledge to become more equitable workplaces," she says. "While 89% of U.S. companies have formal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) commitments, they are almost all struggling to activate these strategies." 


Illoominus is a data analytics platform designed to empower leaders responsible for DE+I within their organizations to activate their strategies and manage ongoing progress towards their goals. 


"We do this by centralizing inclusion data from across HR systems that don’t talk to each other," she says. "Company leaders need to not only understand inclusion across the entire employee journey but they need the context around that data in the form of benchmarking. While reporting is an important part of managing progress, it’s painful for DEI leaders today and we want to make ongoing tracking of this data easier on teams. "


Leaders responsible for DEI then have important data at their fingertips and actionable insights to drive their DE+I strategies forward.


"Illoominus stands for illuminate us, because you can’t improve what you’re not measuring," says Noelle.


Prior to founding Illoominus, Noelle launched and ran the Accenture Ventures US-South program. She and her team were charged with leading joint go-to-market opportunities with Accenture’s priority startup partners. 


Working with early and growth stage startups for over a decade, Noelle is known for bridging  connections to capital, customers, and talent. Inclusion initiatives and programs have continued to be a thread in, and some of the most rewarding parts of, Noelle’s career. She worked with female founders in Nicaragua as a Peace Corps volunteer. Later much of her time at 1776, Startup Atlanta, and Invest Atlanta was dedicated to supporting underrepresented founders and connecting early- and growth-stage startups with resources, like diverse talent, to grow. With the Atlanta Mayor’s Office, she led their economic development work for startups and launched DE+I programs to connect underrepresented talent to tech career paths and top startups in Atlanta. 


"DE+I departments within organizations today have grown dramatically in recent years, but it’s clear that DE+I leaders don't have the tools to support their work," says Noelle. "After speaking to over 150 of these leaders, they are all dealing with the same challenges to measuring inclusion: Data is siloed and sits across many systems; Reporting is time consuming and done manually; Internal systems don’t scale and are hard to customize."


"These are the problems that our company, Illoominus, solves for," she says. "Our goal is to provide the C-suite and HR leaders with the means to achieve their DE+I commitments."


Noelle earned a Masters in Global Policy focused on Economic Development and Technology from the University of Texas at Austin and has an undergraduate degree from the College of Charleston in Economics and Latin American studies.