Four Reasons Why Women Should Consider Playing Golf

By Kate Jensen
  • May 31, 2024

Ladies, what if I told you there was a way to build your confidence, reduce your stress, spend quality time with your friends and exercise all at once? What if I told you the answer was golf?


June is the perfect time to get into golf. Not only is the weather beautiful, but it’s also National Women’s Golf Month. Started by the LPGA in 2005, the goal of Women’s Golf Month is to introduce women and girls alike to the wonderful game of golf. Events and gatherings are hosted all month long at clubs and courses across the country, making it the perfect time to get your feet wet.


A day on the green probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when planning a girl’s day or scheduling some much-needed me-time, but here’s why it should be.


1. Exercise and Mental Health


This sounds obvious, but golf is a great way to get outside and exercise. Walking the course is an easy way to get your daily steps in. While golf does take skill to master, it’s less strenuous than activities like jogging or lifting weights, making it approachable for women of all ages and fitness levels. Being outdoors is also attributed to improving mental health, making it an excellent sport for your body and mind.


2. Confidence Boost


Unlike tennis or basketball, golf is an individual sport. No teammates are counting on your performance. You won’t let anyone down if you’re having an off day. It’s just you, the ball, and the golf course. And there is something really freeing in that. 


It also means that any progress or improvement is all your own. You get all the credit because you did all the work. And from personal experience that feeling is super empowering. With practice, you will feel that confidence carry over into other areas of your life, from the personal to the professional.


3. Me-Time


As women, there’s a lot of pressure, both from ourselves and society, to please others. We tend to look after others first and often end up neglecting our needs. That time and energy you usually dedicate to others is, for once, devoted entirely to you. That’s the power of a few hours on the golf course.


Golf takes a lot of focus and concentration. You must be attuned to your body and your movements. Shifting that attention to your body instead of your worries, stress and distractions from the outside world can be really relaxing. It helps clear your head and provide a fresh perspective on your day or week.

4. Socializing and Networking


Golf may be an individual sport, but it has a social element. Who wouldn’t love a few uninterrupted hours to spend with friends? If you’re looking for someone to play with or interested in learning more about the sport, check out local golfing groups like Ladies Who Golf Atlanta. Organizations like these throw monthly events and gatherings open to players of all skill levels. They’re the perfect place to make new friends and maybe even a business partner or two.


But Where Do I Start?


As someone who works in sports retail, I meet plenty of women intimidated by the idea of golf. They think they’ll be bad at it, that it’s boring or too hard. But I’m here to tell you that the best way to find out for yourself is to get out and play.