Bevington, World Affairs Council, Host International Women’s Day Breakfast

By Staff Writer Atlanta Trend
  • Mar 28, 2024

Rickey Bevington and the World Affairs Council of Atlanta hosted a fascinating International Women’s Day Breakfast session with Judy Smith on March 8th at the St. Regis Hotel. Smith, the well-known crisis management specialist is the real-life model for the popular television series "Scandal." Professionals from a variety of industries came together to celebrate the accomplishments of women and talk about the value of resilience and leadership at the event.


A Morning of Empowerment and Insight


President, World Affairs Council of Atlanta gave a warm welcome to everyone, laying the groundwork for an inspiring and empowering morning. Judy Smith entered the stage to a standing ovation, radiating the poise and assurance that have defined her remarkable career. She started out by talking about her early experiences with crisis management, which included handling high-stakes scenarios in the White House and arbitrating conflicts in childhood. Smith highlighted that her capacity for crisis resolution is "part of her DNA," a quality that has helped her overcome a number of obstacles. Based on her tenure as President George H.W. Bush's deputy press secretary and her involvement in handling the Monica Lewinsky affair, Smith emphasized the value of being genuine, making thoughtful plans, and remaining composed in the face of difficulty. She emphasized that authentic relationships, being ready for when chance arises, and being oneself are all essential components of good leadership.


Empowering Women to Lead with Authenticity


Smith concentrated on the significance of women embracing their authentic selves in leadership roles, in keeping with the topic of International Women's Day. She urged participants to be real, create networks of support, and acknowledge their own accomplishments. Smith's statement, "As women, we must always find ways to be there for one another and make things happen," struck a chord with the audience's common goal of strengthening women at work and in their communities.


A Morning to Remember


During the dynamic Q&A session, guests had a chance to speak with Judy Smith directly and ask her questions about leadership, handling crises, and her professional background. Even after the official program concluded, attendees continued to network and share ideas, motivated by the insights given.


A Testament to Women's Strength and Leadership


More than merely a commemoration of International Women's Day, the World Affairs Council of Atlanta's event featuring Judy Smith was a showcase for the fortitude, resiliency, and leadership of women everywhere. The attendees' sense of empowerment and renewed resolve to improve both their own and other people's lives were evident as they departed the venue. Her advice on turning challenges into opportunities resonated with everyone, highlighting the importance of perseverance and courage in leadership. The stories of her resilience and leadership served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all attendees.