Equifax Brings Transparency to Workforce Demographics

By Staff Writer Atlanta Trend
  • Nov 29, 2021

AS PART OF Equifax’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, the company is making quantitative disclosures of workforce demographics available on annually. 

These reports include public disclosure of the company’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO-1) report and workforce diversity information aligned with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards. “We are strongly committed to nurturing a culture where diverse talent thrives,” said Carla Chaney, chief human resources officer at Equifax. “We are dedicated to building a highly collaborative, innovative environment where our global teams deliver for our customers every day. Inclusion and diversity are key elements of an energizing workplace where top performers of all backgrounds contribute at their highest level. We are proud of what we have accomplished, know that we still have more to do, and are committed to ongoing transparency along our journey.”

The company is among the first in its industry to disclose an EEO-1 and SASB report on workforce demographics. These disclosures illustrate that in 2020, 31% of Equifax global senior leadership identified as female, and women comprised 45% of the Equifax global workforce. During the same time period, 42% of Equifax U.S. employees identified with diverse racial and ethnic groups; a 2% increase over the previous year.

Underscoring these demographics, Equifax has multiple employee networks worldwide that serve as valued partners in amplifying and shaping the company’s inclusive culture. They help attract, engage and retain diverse talent, as well as help shape policies that advance the common good and address social causes. In fact, a recent article, titled Changing Your Name, Not Your Credit Score: Helping Transgender and Non-binary People with Name Changes and Credit Reports, developed by the Equifax Pride Network in partnership with the Global Consumer Solutions business unit,  remains the most-visited Equifax Newsroom article, with more than 11,000 total page views. 

“Inclusion is a deliberate leadership practice that must be cultivated so no one feels marginalized or unheard within this organization,” said Andrea Lawson, chief talent and diversity officer. “It is a powerful force that engages our employees, business, suppliers and communities and helps us advance as One Equifax. When we work together, we move forward together and we make real progress on our vision of a future where everyone has an opportunity to thrive and live their best life.”