Equifax Completes Acquisition of Midigator

By Staff Writer Atlanta Trend
  • Aug 30, 2022

Equifax has completed the acquisition of Midigator LLC, a provider of post-transaction fraud mitigation solutions. The definitive agreement to acquire Midigator was announcedon July 26, 2022. With this acquisition, Equifax further expands the company's global footprint in digital identity and fraud prevention solutions.


"Equifax is poised to broaden our digital identity footprint in a fast growing space," said Mark W. Begor, CEO of Equifax. "The acquisition of Midigator will harness the power of the Equifax Cloud™ and expand on the strength of our rapidly growing Kount business to bring global businesses the information and solutions they need to better manage fraud across the complete customer lifecycle. We are energized to welcome the Midigator team to Equifax and will continue to reinvest in strategic bolt-on acquisitions to further expand our capabilities well beyond a traditional credit bureau and drive growth in the future."


Founded in 2013, Midigator offers a technology platform designed to not only automate the dispute response process, but to provide the real-time data businesses need to know why chargebacks are occurring in the first place and better understand their customers. The resulting granular, post-transaction data and digital signals complement the Equifax Kount dataset and augment its AI-driven preventative fraud solutions to combat the illegitimate chargebacks known as "friendly" fraud as well as criminal fraud activities.


"The combination of Midigator with our Kount pre-authorization and preventative protection capabilities accelerates the expansion of our digital identity network for current and prospective customers while further enabling new forms of engagement in online commerce," said Sid Singh, President of United States Information Solutions (USIS) at Equifax. "Businesses around the world need better solutions for digital identity and fraud prevention that encompass the entire customer journey, specifically around the desire to mitigate and manage post-transaction issues. Adding on Midigator's intelligent post-authorization and automated chargeback technologies will enable us to provide a complete end-to-end solution that helps businesses to protect and recover revenue."


"The addition of Midigator's chargeback representment and dispute management solutions will further enable us to broaden our product innovation around Identity & Fraud," added Brad Wiskirchen, General Manager of Kount, an Equifax company. "Our customers and partners seek advanced tools and insights to protect and recover revenue, and enhancing the ability to prevent illegitimate chargebacks is a highly sought after solution to combat fraud challenges."


Midigator, an Equifax company, is now part of the Equifax USIS business unit. The acquisition is not anticipated to have a material impact on 2022 Equifax financial results.