Why prisoners should have access to Pell grants, post-secondary education

As a member of Congress and especially as governor of Georgia, I witnessed firsthand the power of our criminal justice system to change lives...

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Solving the Modernization Challenge for Banks and Fintechs

Starting his career as a COBOL programmer, Steve Hassett has been involved with mainframe systems for a long time...

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Spotlight Profile

  • Since Terrence McCrossan became CEO of Atlanta-based Oversight Systems two years ago, both company revenue and employee headcount have nearly doubled. “We had a fantastic foundation to build on, with great people and leading technology,” he says. “My focus was to challenge the organization to “think big” and hit the sales accelerator, which we have done by redefining our mission, aligning our priorities, bringing in more great people and empowering our employees to drive change.”

    McCrossan was born in New York City and grew up in the town of Warwick, NY, but has worked in Atlanta for 25 years, mostly for larger organizations. “I believe the discipline I learned from large company leadership experience helped prepare me for the role of CEO at Oversight,” he says. The company today has 125 employees and quite an impressive list of clients – including many of Atlanta’s most notable brands.

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Message from the President

  • Atlanta Trend exists to foster leadership in the information technology business community of Atlanta. And because we believe that leadership can be examined and understood, our goal is to bring both the leaders of general business and the leaders of information technology together in an atmosphere of trust. General business and information technology remain skeptical of each other, but are nevertheless merging into single entities and need each other now more than ever. More regular companies are becoming, in essence, IT companies. The CEOs of the future will come from two main groups: general business people who have a good grasp on technology and IT people who have a good understanding of business. This is inevitable.

    We believe that leadership is observable and procurable. While we don’t discount training courses, our focus has always been, and will remain, on personal interaction and small group discussions.

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